Chili was made. Wife hated it. Details below…


Today will be the first of what I hope will be many posts to inspire the masses and to create meals that both inspire and cultivate the rivalry of cooking wonderful meals in the kitchen. Please leave any comments below, as I am sure others can inspire me to create even more magnificent meals than the ones I plan to show you. The first two posts will be about my adventures in the kitchen, after that… who knows? Maybe even the wife will get in on the act….one never knows.

Tuesday May 29th 2012

Yesterday, I made some good chili. The wife, as always, hated it. While she told me that it was good, this was secret wife code for: “I could kill you for making dinner this good, why couldn’t I do the same for you?” As she gritted her teeth and choked the delicious meal down, I basked in the glory of knowing, that once again I had won another victory in this war we call life. Read below and I will tell you how to prepare this delicious dish.

It was the night of Tuesday, May 29th 2012. My wife would be arriving home soon and I had made plans to have dinner ready for her. I had even asked her in a previous call: “How would you like me to make dinner for you?” but time was my enemy. I didn’t know how many Pac-Man games and “Sliders” episodes fit in between 5PM and 8:30PM, but let’s say that a misjudgment in time had happened on this day…So, anyway, my wife arrived home. Lucky for me on this very day she did not expect the dinner to be on the table as soon as she arrived home. She immediately turned the TV to the Weather Channel, because this channel and the one that airs The Reds are the only two channels she believes the TV has. Then she opened up the shades to point out that we are having a severe weather situation. I started to watch The Weather Channel as well and learned that if I hear thunder than I should not be outside, and dang — if I hear thunder, and rain, and a whole mess of stuff that I do not want to be in—“Hey the Weather Channel said, don’t be going out in that crap Willis.” (My name’s not Willis but I can take the hint…)

Okay, so the dilemma was that I hadn’t gone out for the normal grocery run for the week. (Hey, it was a “Sliders” marathon type of day and I had a picture scanning project going on). So the meal would be a whatever was left over in the pantry kinda night…

Looks like we are Having Chilli and Rice W/Sour Cream and Cheese on top.

To start this good meal you should know this will feed around 4 to 6 people depending on the rice to chili ratio. I do know how to cook for 2 and we had leftovers times 2 so that’s where I get the ratio.

Well… let’s start with the ingredients:

Keep in mind a good cook uses a recipe as a guidebook — it’s there to help, but ultimately you let your instinct be your guide.

1 can of chilli beans (16 oz?)

1 Big can of crushed Tomatoes ( 32 oz?)

3 Bags of Brown Rice (the 10 minute kind that comes in a box of 4 bags)(should probably be 2 bags– I had a lot of left over rice)

1 pound of hamburger; the leaner you can afford the better for you

1 bag of chilli spice/I didn’t have any so I used some random spices

1 Red Onion (I suppose any onion would work — we had a red one)

1/2 green bell pepper

some olive oil

sour cream/cheese (optional but it makes it awesome)

Doritos or corn chips would be great (we didn’t have any)

Crackers are another cool thing (the wife ate through them;  we were out)

Time to Cook:

1) Okay… we will start with 1 pound of ground beef. You will have to defrost it first if you planned ahead as far as I did… if it is already defrosted, skip this step…

2)You might as well start boiling the water for your rice. Once it starts to boil, it takes 10 minutes to cook so this needs to be started now-ish. The box says 1 quart of water per bag, but you are going to toss the water so I wouldn’t worry too much as long as there is enough so that all the rice is covered…

3) Okay, time to cook your ground beef…

4) Dont forget to drain it…

5) Slice up your onions (don’t forget to peel a couple of layers of skin and toss it… the first couple of layers are no good)

6) Put a little olive oil in  the skillet and cover it  for a minute or so. Then fry them up while stirring and throw them in a drainer with meat.

7) Now do the same with the green pepper. (Do not forget to cut the heart out of it — the middle part with all the seeds–) and toss that in the trash. (Also, be  sure to wash it before you do anything). Throw them in with the onions and beef.

8)Now, open your beans and tomatoes and toss them in the pot with the meat/onions/peppers.

(You should have started the rice at this point.)

9) Now stir it together,(I found some McCormicks Season Salt, Cayon, Red Pepper, and Tobasco) add whatever spices you found in the cupboard (if you do this method you will try a dash of this or that taste then add salt, water, or extra tomatoe sauce to dilute, we like it mild so I have to watch the spices)

a 1/2 bag of mild chilli spice would work out well depending on how spice you want it,(but that would require pre-planning and todays recepie is not about that)

10) Now stir one more time,  cover the pot and cook on high until it boils,  stirring occasionally.

 Then cook on low, until the meat and vegetables are thoroughly cooked.



When everything is done, put the rice in a bowl, put the cheese in another bowl, and get the sour cream out. (Presentation is everything).

The serving dish goes like this: Rice, chili, cheese, sour cream, corn chips (corn chips not pictured — we didn’t have any)…PERFECTION!

When you’re done, your wife will squint her eyes and assure you that it was good. You will say it’s so good that it should go in a blog and she will say, “What’re you talking about?”

Then, you will write a blog about it. Well, maybe not. Only so many people have the time to write a blog…

***Keep in mind while the recipes in this blog are on the money and will amaze you, anything said about me or my wife are said in jest. I am lucky to be married to one of the most gracious and  intelligent women on earth. She was so amazing that she was even willing to help edit my blog***