What shows, do you watch or would watch

Here are some shows I have watched and the reasons why in no particular order…


Becker- College show watched it Monday nights at a buddies house that didn’t get cable and could only pick up CBS

Family Law-Nicknamed Tony Danza crappy lawyer show with the bad guy from Happy Gilmore (same rule as above)

Louie- Depressing realistic look at life, pretends to be a comedy with few laugh, nothing else on television like it.

Saved by the Bell (this is a show you can watch any day at any time, and as long as they don’t leave the school or college you know that you will have a good time, if they are visiting Florida, Vegas, working at a random job out of the school, might as well turn the channel)

Cosby Show- ultimate feel good family sitcom

Mr. Belvedere- one of the darker family sitcoms of the 80s

Happy Days- Fonzie and the gang always funny 

Sliders-greatest show of all time, got canceled every season came back different every year…truly an amazing idea and adventure that the most unlikely of the foursome makes it to the end  

Big Bang Theory-funniest show on TV at the moment

The Middle-use to be great in 1st three season, became a meaner show still good not great.

Parks and Recreation- rough 1st season 2nd year on great, winding down now

The Office-good run completely lost its way after Micheal Scott left

A-Team- greatest action show of all time

Star Trek/Star Trek TNG/Star Trek DS9/Star Trek Enterprise-great Sci Fi franchise

Viper-great car commercial show



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