Finished Pizza

Finished Pizza

Notice the pizza is not perfectly round becuse it did not get mended properly

Notice the pizza is not perfectly round becuse it did not get mended properly

This from later in the day notice the pizza is not all the way round because I did not mend it properly...still taste great.

This from later in the day notice the pizza is not all the way round because I did not mend it properly…still taste great.

chris the cook 048 chris the cook 063 chris the cook 022 chris the cook 045This was the pizza I intended to make

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It’s a pizza time, Dude! Yeah Dawg!!

Today is Wednesday, May 30th. Today, like everyday, I plan to cook something good in the kitchen….will she love it? Who knows, even if she does, the title says she won’t so I think we will keep everything consistent….

So let’s start with the fact that home-made pizza costs more than Little Ceasar’s $5 Pizza, or even a Tombstone Pizza. I have no idea why, but if you are doing this cooking thing to save money, I will stop you right now and tell you to get in the car and make a Caesar’s run. You could probably even grab some bread sticks or cheese bread and come out ahead. I will guess my recipe will cost you in the $12 to $14 range but taste as good as a Lupi’s pizza. If you are looking for an easy pizza recipe that will deliver a pizza as good as a Lupi’s Pizza, then keep reading below.

I will start with a pre-made crust from Pillsbury. You could buy a mix, or use flour and yeast to make the crust, but I have had very little luck doing it the hard way (this would save you $3 or so since a package of pizza dough is about 59 cents in comparison).

Also, the clean-up of flour is not fun. On the other hand, making it this way is more fun and authentic, so if you have a wife that loves to clean the kitchen, go for it… the directions are on the bag. Follow them to the T, then come back and finish up with my directions.

Okay, let’s get started. Here is what you will need for the pizza:

Pizza pan or cake pan…very important, some people don’t have one of these. If you buy one, get a non-stick pan. It will make life easier.
one tube of pizza crust, sold next to biscuit tubes in Dairy. (I got Pillsbury, for some reason Bi-Lo Brand does not rise very well).
some spaghetti or pizza sauce (They are essentially the same. Pizza Sauce is slightly thicker but it costs more, and you can use spaghetti Sauce later in the week if you close the jar tightly and put it in the fridge)
1/2 pound of hamburger
1/2 onion (chop up the other 1/2, and freeze can be used later)
1 green pepper
sliced portobello mushrooms
1 to 2 packs of mozzarella cheese
olive oil
Okay, let’s get started…This should make a huge Pizza that will feed 6 or so people. We got about 10 big slices out of it, leftovers for a few days…especially if you add a salad. (My wife didn’t get one, and she let me know how important a salad is. Interesting trivia: adding a salad is a cost saving idea if you are trying to feed several people, since vegetables will trick their stomachs into feeling full, leaving more pizza for you. Make sure to brag about this great salad, then even put some on your plate so they think that salads are great, or use salad bowls, leaving you with four slices and everyone else with one, they will never wise up to this trick.)

**Before we start, this is for a hamburger, onion, mushroom, and green pepper pizza. I have found that over 5 toppings does not make a good pizza.
Also I chose the above toppings because they where in the fridge, you can go with whatever you want…
Here is the recipe:

First, pre-heat the oven to 400 Degrees.
Now use the Crisco to grease the pizza pan (I use a paper towel to keep it off my hands)
Now put the pizza crust on the pizza pan. There should be a cut in the dough so that it can roll out. Then you will need to spread the dough out and mend together any spaces/holes if you don’t do this correctly. The crust will separate, as you will see in my pizza.
Very important: this is a step that I never knew to do. Once the oven is preheated, set timer to 8 minutes. (If you don’t do this then your crust will not cook correctly it will still be raw under the sauce.)
Put the crust in the oven on the middle shelf.
Get a skillet out and cook the hamburger.
Drain the grease from the hamburger.
Now chop the green pepper.(Don’t forget to cut out the heart. That’s the thing with seeds on it)
(I decided to pre-cook all the vegetables, but whether you want to do it is up to you. I have down it both ways, but I think this way is better).
Now take the skillet and put some olive oil in it.
Cook the green pepper and put it on the side.
Now get out the onion and chop it.
Cook the onion and put it on the side.
Now take the sliced mushrooms.

Cook the mushrooms and put them off to the side.
Once the pizza is pre-cooked, spread about a 1/2 cup of sauce on it. Spread it in a circular motion, then put the meat, onions, peppers, and mushrooms on the pizza.
Now its time to put the cheese on the pizza. I have found that one bag is not enough you will need another 1/4 a bag. Also, mozzarella is the best for pizza.
Set the timer for another 10 minutes…and put the pizza in the oven on the middle shelf.
Take it out of the oven, and let it sit for about 5 minutes.
Now move the pizza from the pan to a cutting board. If you cut it on the pan you might damage the it. You know what your pan can handle.
Slice and serve.

Notice the pizza is not perfectly round because it did not get mended properly
“Pizza, be done, Perfection”


I was sitting here on the couch; you see….

I was sitting here on the couch;you see and what do you know about life and all.

My Wife came up with a fancy new recipe call chips with cheese on top.

you will need for this meal:

$2 bag of corn Chips, she says a $4 bag will work as well

1 Bag of Nice Brand Cheese, she says any brand will work

1 Microwave safe bowl

To make this open bag of chips and grab a handfull or 2

next grab bag of cheese, try not to rip bag down the side, you will need 1 handfull of the cheese

put in bowl

put bowl in microwave for 30 seconds(any longer will burn down microwave)

after done eating leave bowl with harden cheese for husband to scrape clean.

Hope you enjoy 

Frico cheese crisps

The Greatest Adventurer Of All Time (The Exodus, pt. II).

What!?! How could they do this to our show…this guy knows how to blogith on the Sliders…go to for his more recent reviews…he be a wise man….Now it’s time to cook my next meal

Think of a Roulette Wheel

They were so close.

There we were, at the bottom of the pit.

And lo, we were handed a shovel.

Last week’s episode, “The Exodus, Part One,” was just another episode of Sliders. It is, perhaps obviously, this week’s episode that changes everything. What I’m trying to convey is the fact that it’s hard to separate myself from this entry. It’s hard for all of us, as Sliders fans, to separate ourselves from these two episodes. They remain with us. But god damn it, I’m going to try to withhold feelings— those feelings that are so deeply rooted. If you’re a true fan of Sliders, this is the episode that you never forget seeing, and it’s never a pleasant memory. But some of you haven’t ever seen these two episodes before. Good. I’m glad to be here for you.

Let’s get to it.

But it’s hard, isn’t it? Sliders has…

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3 Bean Chilli,I like it better

Basically, the same recipe from before only use 1 can black beans or pinto beans, 1 can kidney beans, 1 can chili beans , 1 package of mild chili Spice, 1 can of stewed tomatoes, 1 lb of ground beef, 1 onion, combine them together and your done.

So the meal would be a whatever was left over in the pantry kinda night… Looks like we are Having Chilli and Rice W/Sour Cream and Cheese on top. To start this good meal you should know this will feed around 4 to 6 people depending on the rice to chili ratio. I do know how to cook for 2 and we had leftovers times 2 so that’s where I get the ratio. Well… let’s start with the ingredients: Keep in mind a good cook uses a recipe as a guidebook — it’s there to help, but ultimately you let your instinct be your guide. 1 can of chilli beans (16 oz?) 1 Big can of crushed Tomatoes ( 32 oz?) 3 Bags of Brown Rice (the 10 minute kind that comes in a box of 4 bags)(should probably be 2 bags– I had a lot of left over rice) 1 pound of hamburger; the leaner you can afford the better for you 1 bag of chilli spice/I didn’t have any so I used some random spices 1 Red Onion (I suppose any onion would work — we had a red one) 1/2 green bell pepper some olive oil sour cream/cheese (optional but it makes it awesome) Doritos or corn chips would be great (we didn’t have any) Crackers are another cool thing (the wife ate through them; we were out) Time to Cook: 1) Okay… we will start with 1 pound of ground beef. You will have to defrost it first if you planned ahead as far as I did… if it is already defrosted, skip this step… 2)You might as well start boiling the water for your rice. Once it starts to boil, it takes 10 minutes to cook so this needs to be started now-ish. The box says 1 quart of water per bag, but you are going to toss the water so

I wouldn’t worry too much as long as there is enough so that all the rice is covered… 3) Okay, time to cook your ground beef… 4) Dont forget to drain it… 5) Slice up your onions (don’t forget to peel a couple of layers of skin and toss it… the first couple of layers are no good) 6) Put a little olive oil in the skillet and cover it for a minute or so. Then fry them up while stirring and throw them in a drainer with meat. 7) Now do the same with the green pepper. (Do not forget to cut the heart out of it — the middle part with all the seeds–) and toss that in the trash. (Also, be sure to wash it before you do anything). Throw them in with the onions and beef. 8)Now, open your beans and tomatoes and toss them in the pot with the meat/onions/peppers. (You should have started the rice at this point.) 9) Now stir it together,(I found some McCormicks Season Salt, Cayon, Red Pepper, and Tobasco) add whatever spices you found in the cupboard (if you do this method you will try a dash of this or that taste then add salt, water, or extra tomatoe sauce to dilute, we like it mild so I have to watch the spices) a 1/2 bag of mild chilli spice would work out well depending on how spice you want it,(but that would require pre-planning and todays recepie is not about that) 10) Now stir one more time, cover the pot and cook on high until it boils, stirring occasionally. Then cook on low, until the meat and vegetables are thoroughly cooked. – ————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Conclusion: When everything is done, put the rice in a bowl, put the cheese in another bowl, and get the sour cream out. (Presentation is everything). The serving dish goes like this: Rice, chili, cheese, sour cream, corn chips (corn chips not pictured — we didn’t have any)…PERFECTION! When you’re done, your wife will squint her eyes and assure you that it was good. You will say it’s so good that it should go in a blog and she will say, “What’re you talking about?” Then, you will write a blog about it. Well, maybe not. Only so many people have the time to write a blog… ***Keep in mind while the recipes in this blog are on the money and will amaze you, anything said about me or my wife are said in jest. I am lucky to be married to one of the most gracious and intelligent women on earth. She was so amazing that she was even willing to help edit my blog***